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    Comarp derives from thirty years experience in the Mechanical processing and production sector.


    Our uniqueness merges with the offered Unique Service in Italy: we manage the entire implementation of complex orders, offering our customers a “turnkey” product. This is possible thanks to the multiple companies that form Comarp, which merge externally and are perceived as a single interlocutor by our customers.


    Eliminating issues related to logistics, time savings and lower costs are immediate competitive advantages deriving from our service. The target values that have always guided us are the satisfaction and priority of our customers.


    Comarp receives the order from the customer that may be for manufacturing purposes or complete supply.


    Once the order is acquired, Comarp processes the contract to the suppliers/members according to the work to be performed.


    The advantage for the Customer is that they have a single interlocutor for all the work performed.


    The production process is managed thanks to the multiplicity, specialisation and diversification of the companies that form Comarp. Our members are specialised in processing:


    - Design and Assembly

    - Milling and Boring

    - Moulding of rubber and plastic parts

    - Rough and machined carpentry

    - Teeth

    - Profiles from solid

    - Grinding

    - Ceramic or carbide coating with P.N.T.A. and H.V.O.F. technologies

    - Shearing, drawing

    - Turning